Lentil Strips ——- Now Available


  ~ A Taste of Eden ~

It’s here. Have you tried it? SWEET CALABASH MEATS, plant meat alternatives made with WHOLE GRAINS, LEGUMES, NUTS, and SEEDS. SWEET CALABASH’S purpose is to bring NUTRITION, with QUALITY, AND TASTE, to you, in each of our products

Currently AVAILABLE:

Lentil Strips

a STEW-ABLE plant meat made with LENTILS, GRAINS, NUTS and SEEDS

Beef 1

It’s meaty flavored, and satisfying, with a nice chew. You can get it today. Ask for it, in the deli at, Natures Way Road Town or purchase it to prepare at home

Available exclusively @ Natures’ Way East End & Road Town or via Direct Order 

Made Locally

Call or WhatsApp 1-284-443-5266 for more info

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